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What Comes Next for McLeod, Foote? Defense Attorney Gives Process and Timeline

Defence attorny Allison Grant explains the process and timeline for the players facing charges in the 2018 Hockey Canada sexual assault allegations.



New Jersey Devils McLeod

It looks like the New Jersey Devils, and the NHL, won’t see the players involved in the 2018 Hockey Canada sexual assault allegations for a long time. We definitely won’t see Michael McLeod and Cal Foote for the remainder of this season. We’re unlikely to see them next season. After that? It all depends, but we may never see them again.

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Court proceedings against the five players involved in the allegation have been adjourned until April 30th. So what happens between now and the next court hearing?

According to Defence attorney Alison Craig who appeared in a guest spot on TSN, there’s a long road ahead.

“Time will be taken,” Craig explained. “Weeks, if not months to review it all. There’s a number of required meetings that will be held between the lawyers and the Crown, and the lawyers and the Crown and judges. Ultimately at the end of all of that, which is likely several months down the line, a trial date will likely be set.”

Now, due to the fact there are five parties involved in this case, there is the possibility of five separate trials. However, Craig explains why it’s more likely there will be just one trial.

“The presumption is that there’s one assuming all five are charged together,” Craig explained. “The defense can apply to have separate trials if they want to, but it’s going to be a very, very tough sell to convince any judge that the complainant should be required to testify on five separate occasions.”

As for when a trial can begin, it’s an even longer wait.

“It’s definitely going to be at least a year,” Craig explained. “Likely, the trial would be in 2025 sometime.”

None of the players involved in the allegations are signed past the 2023-24 season. However, the NHL has granted salary cap relief to the teams of the players involved in the case.

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